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Alight Motion Pro – Hello, welcome to Uptodown. How are you, Uptodown friend? May you always give you health. For the first time in this article a sign of the development of our website for the next that will accompany my friends all to look for Applications, Games and Tips tricks about cellphones and PCs.

At the beginning of this good year mimin wants to share an application that is very useful for you. Do you want to know what the application is? C’mon, rather than curious can immediately refer to the review below.

Do you like to edit videos? If so, of course you use a cellphone or PC, it just depends on your needs. However, if you use this one application, you don’t need to worry about their needs because it is quite complete. It’s perfect for my friend who wants to add cool effects.

That’s what you can get from the editing application for mobile phones on this one. If you want to find an application with a lot of motion apk features, you can get it on the alght motion apk application. Curious as to what the application and its features?

Immediately, we refer to the review of this application. Don’t skip this article so that you don’t miss the latest application information from Mimin.

Alight Motion

Admin will give you all the basic information on this application and will certainly discuss all of its features. Take it easy for download problems, Minimal will provide a link directly from this article.

Alight Motion is a video editing application and the first moving J animation that presents high-quality animation, motion graphics, video editing, visual effects and also video composition. This application is the best motion graphic app for Android I’ve ever found.

By using this application, you certainly not only make video compositions, but you can use animations such as text and images. Mimin personally is very happy with the features available in this application.

For how to use the Alight Motion application is actually quite easy which later we will provide how to edit videos on Alight Motion and for that don’t skip it, buddy.

Alight Motion feature

The following are the features that you can get from the Alight Motion application, let’s see!

Several audio and video layers

You can make video and audio compositions like video editing applications in general. Create and arrange multiple video and audio scenes together.

Vector and bitmap support

This feature is arguably an advantage in this application. You can certainly edit vector graphics directly.

Visual effects and color correction

There are also visual effects that you can apply to the video scene so that your videos become more interesting. Also supported is the color correction feature.

Keyframe animations available

There are more advantages of this application feature, which is keyframe animation. Of course you can make animated movements by relying on this feature. Not just pictures, you can manage large and small audio by using a keyframe.

Easing animation

This easing feature allows for smoother movements. Choose from the presets or you can create your own timing curve.

Motion blur

Well, this is a feature that Mimin likes, why? because the motion blur feature can make your videos more luxurious. Various types of motion blur that you can choose and can also set the level of motion blur.

Export various storage formats

Besides MP4, you can export projects that you make into GIFs or animated images. Not only that, in MP4 format, you can choose resolutions ranging from 360P to 4K.

Gradient Effect

To add interesting effects, you can add various gradient features.

Border and shadow effects

This effect is indispensable for making text or images more assertive or 3D looks obtained from the shadow.

Group layers

You can group multiple layers together without a hitch.

Save the element

Create and save favorite elements for you to use again very quickly and easily in your next project.

How to Install Apk

Install the application alright motion pro mod apk is very easy, but if you are confused about how to install it can follow the steps below.

  • The first step, Buddy download alight motion pro apk no wa first on the download link alight motion no wa that we have shared above.
  • After downloading, don’t install Friend directly. Check beforehand whether it has been turned on “unknown source” or “unknown source” to allow installation of third-party applications.
  • After doing the above method, you find the file that you downloaded. Click and install the apk file.
  • Wait until the installation process is complete.
  • When it has finished installing, open the application and edtlah!
  • Done


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