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Cute Cut Pro – Hello back with mimin, how are you guys? hopefully always given physical health and quota so that they can always monitor the latest updates from mimin hehe. As always Mimin always provides a game, application and tips on the latest and most popular tricks at this time.

At this second time Mimin would like to recommend an video and image editing application. Previously Mimin had shared an editing application that was quite popular and was widely used by smartphone users, especially Android, Alight Motion Pro. But this time the application that will be shared is not inferior to the previous editing application.

The application that will share this is a cute cut apk. Curious as to what the application and the features contained therein. Let’s just look at the following reviews guys. However, in order to maximize the application information received, it is better not to skip the reviews contained below.

What is CCP?

Cute Cut Apk or better known as CCP is one of the applications that memimin recommends for you who love to edit videos and images using an android phone. Buddy is very obliged to try using this application.

Of course, by using the cute cut application, you will be very easy to do video editing that you can share to social media like Instagram, YouTube for you who want to become a YouTuber and other popular social media.

The advantage of this application and is widely praised by Android users is the transition feature. Why is that? because many people don’t realize that there are tons of transition options that you can choose. Very Wow, right?

To be sure my friend will not feel bored to watch with this myriad of features. Moreover, my friend who likes to make video content YouTube. They use this application because it’s easier and faster.

Cute Cut Application Features

Before downloading, it’s better to check first the features contained in this cute cut pro application.

Easy to Use Display

The thing that is very difficult when making something in an application is a display that is very difficult, but different from this application. This application is very user friendly where you only need to tap and drop the video that you want to edit. So, of course it’s very easy to set the timeline editor.

Screen Options

This application is very supportive of its appearance, you can choose portrait or landscape display options. To view the ratio, you can choose from 16: 9, 4: 3, and even a 1: 1 square like the video display on Instagram. You can do this mode as you wish, friend uptodown.

Video Format

Don’t doubt if you want to include or import videos into this application project file. Because you can import many types of video files ranging from MP4 files and AVI files simultaneously in one editing or can be up to 6 different file types.

PIP Support

Because you can make video compositions, of course you can apply it in the form of PIP film or known as Picture in Picture. The way to do this is by placing one film on the other. This application even supports independent changes in each video segment.

Import Music and Text

You can add music to the project file starting from the default music application or music contained in your memory. In addition, with the support of text enhancers, you can describe the video that you made.

Not only music, you can enter your voice or record your voice directly.

Draw feature

Well, this may be advantages that are not in other editing applications. You can edit videos and draw directly in the video. There are 30 more drawing tools that you can use.

Many Effects

There are 3 brushes that can give effect, namely Linear gradient, texture, gradient and radial that you can apply yourself.

Lots of Transitions

As Mimin explained in the application description above, you will get a lot of transitions that you can custom customize yourself.

Install cute cut pro free

For those of you who are confused about how to install the cute cut pro apk no watermark, you can follow the steps below. Take it easy, it’s quite easy.

  • The first step, my friend, download cute cut pro full on the download link of the cute cut pro application that has been shared above.
  • While downloading the cute cut pro mod apk no watermark, you first check whether you have turned on the “unknown source” or “unknown source” in the phone’s settings to allow installation of third-party applications.
  • After the above conditions have been done, find the download file and click to install the apk file.
  • Wait until the installation process is complete. Open the application and edit it.
  • Done.

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