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Dream Town Story Mod Apk - Hello Uptodown, happy to meet again with Friends Uptodown all. How are you? I hope my friend is always given health, including...
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Dream Town Story Mod Apk – Hello Uptodown, happy to meet again with Friends Uptodown all. How are you? I hope my friend is always given health, including health quota yes hehe … to always be present on the web admin every day. As usual Mimin will share applications, games and tips on the latest and most popular tricks.

In this article Mimin will recommend a game that is quite unique, a city simulation game. Who doesn’t like this type of game? You will certainly be able to build and manage a dream city with a variety of buildings and buildings as a source of income for your city.

Previously Mimin had posted a city simulation game called Simcity. Similarly, this one game is a dream town story. This game is a very classic city simulation game, to find out more let’s look at the reviews below.

Dream Town Story mod apk revdl is included in the simulation game created by game developers kairosoft mod download game. If you don’t know this game, Mimin will provide interesting information about this unique game.

Cairo Soft is a game and mobile game company originating from Japan. Their flagship product is an interesting and exciting simulation game.

Of course you will be surprised when today there are still developers who make games with a display like this. Keep in mind the creator cannot follow the trend. Because they still maintain the classic 8-bit graphics platform for its products.

Some popular games have been developed by Cairo Soft such as Zara History, a fascinating ski game story. Their latest update, Dream Town, was released on December 14th. Friend will feel nostalgic and of course you will like a fairly classic game the same as the old game. For more information, you can see the description and features contained in this game.

Dream Town Story

Dream Town Story game is a simulator game developed by Cairo Soft, the graphics created by this company are as usual in quite impressive gameplay.

Usually gamers get high quality games, but this is a little boring. Therefore, this publisher offers a different look than usual, of course this will appeal to everyone.

Develop your dream dwelling house down to the last brick and make lots of buildings, houses and other buildings. You can compete with other cities in the ranking, or just relax and continue with your own abilities.

Build a house to make people move to your dream city, then you can add shops and many other facilities, making it a lively and beautiful place to live.


This game starts by creating a character first, where you will allocate statistical points to your residents. Important data from HP, IQ and Work. These indicators directly affect the city of friends.

Many influences from activities from the city of Sobat such as high hard workers who will help people get jobs, HP certainly affects the distance people can travel. then the store is visited often, and you will get more money.

Apart from that, Friends also have other indicators: enthusiasm, charm, and talent. When residents have a good job, they will have more money, and you will also get more from taxes. You can also build buildings and also recruit new residents to work there.

Simple, interesting

At this time, mobile games are very sophisticated, gamers take part in funny role-playing games and simulation games. Looking for a place that is simple, but interesting is indeed difficult.

Story genre The dream town story mod apk 1 5 5 is a good example. Adjust, buildings in a colorful world immersed in the history of the player without weapons. Dream town story combo is a big city with a small city in it. All are famous in the world.

Small version of The Sims

If you have ever played a popular game like SimCity, you will easily dream of the city becoming familiar with the town story match 3 puzzle mod apk. Join the game that makes you a wise mayor.

Friend’s job is managing the small town. But, for the development of the mayor’s dream in big cities so that you can help him realize it.

In the beginning, players have to land at home and plan to build a shop, but if they don’t plan to land there, because this beautiful city is developing more farmers.

You have to fight hard to maybe move people to explain the beauty of their city. The people in this city are hardworking citizens. They are people who have happy lives and also many dreams.

Compete with other cities

Another feature that allows you to spend more time with this city story mod game apk. You have to compete with other cities. Make your cities friends to make residents happy, Use the facilities available in your cities to make the right choice.


Buddy must spend money to build buildings in this game. You can only move buildings up to 2 times a day unless you pay.

Suppose you put the construction in the wrong place, in the middle of your path, and you can’t leave it there. Real money, not in-game money. So, be careful when you place any building.

If you are wrong to place the building can hold it in advance, if you want to add another building, you can just delete the building. However, removing buildings will incur costs.


If you are bored with simulator games with 3D graphics, then this is the game you need. The classic features of the 8-bit graphics platform, this game maintains its shape. The best feature of all popular 3D games.

The sound of the game Dream House Days Mod apk is just an old song, but it does not make you feel frustrated. Can tell this link to return the game to an 8-bit childhood. I think the game download game town story mod apk android 1 from Japan is very beautiful and very interesting.

Although this dream town story match 3 puzzle game mod apk is simple with 8-bit graphics, the gameplay is quite addictive and is a dream city story and has an addiction in it. If you are a fan or trying to maintain a management simulation game, download and also just enjoy downloading the town story game game published by moddroid kairosoft. The city of dreams awaits you.

How to Install Apk

This game is quite impressive for you who want a classic look, and now there is a mod feature and if you are confused to install this game can follow the steps below.

  • The first step you have to do is download the apk file that has been shared on the link above.
  • If it’s already downloaded, don’t install it first.
  • Buddy must turn on the “unknown source” or “unknown source” feature to allow installation of third-party applications by checking them in the privacy settings of the phone.
  • After the steps above have been done.
  • Click and install the apk file, wait until the installation process is complete.
  • And now you can play this game.
  • Done.

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