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Drift Max Pro Apk Mod - Playing an exciting type of racing game is fun beforehand this game has very capable graphics that make us feel...
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Drift Max Pro Apk Mod – Playing an exciting type of racing game is fun beforehand this game has very capable graphics that make us feel bored to play. As promised before Mimin Mimin will call a car game.

Usually the games that are identical to the race are only the asphalt nitro games that you shared before, but this article will be different.

The beauty in driving a car here really needs to be noted, it needs qualified skills for the game Buddy Enter this. This is presented by the game Drift Max Pro, if you see from the game title.

This game is no less great than similar games, with characteristics that make this game loved by fans. For those of you who want to know what is in the game and the features just go directly to the details of the drift max pro apk apk id for this game.

Drift Max Pro

Max pro drift game – car drifting race game is a type of racing game where you can hone the ability to drifting on a winding track or sharp turns.

The mainstay game developed by Tiramisu with high resolution graphics capabilities and also the ability to play very large games.

At this time, you have to help your flying skills, because without great skills, you won’t be able to perfect it through the track and also win awards that get the next challenge and become a professional in controlling a drift car.

You will definitely like the Drift Max Pro game. This game is the latest version of drift max. Even so, this pro version of the game has its own advantages, therefore Mimin will continue to present full information in this article.

By playing this game, you can race against real players from all over the world and also master the leaderboards. You can choose between two different multiplayer modes, Classic Drift and Racing. Then you show your opponent who your Pro player really is.

Gameplay Game Drift Max Pro

Choose a drift car you have, buy gas and start flying and create a beautiful driving style. In addition, you can choose your camera and change the angle to make it look luxurious on the car you drive.

When you enjoy racing games and also flying in the air, you can immediately access by downloading and installing it in the play store.

Friend succeed every bend, punctuality is needed so that the process of drifting is not necessary because of the factor of crashing into the dividing wall. The advantage is this game can be played offline again.

Just like games in general, this game does not have storage features in the cloud. When this game has been canceled, you won’t be able to continue the game and will have to start from the beginning.

Game mode

Even though this game is just a drift game, but the features that you can get from the game mode in terms of it are very diverse. There are several game modes that you can play, including Track of the day, Classic, Capture the flag, Slalom, Cone smash, Perfect drift and free ride.

With this many features, of course you won’t be bored because there are different ones. Become the master of all game modes.

Race Track

This is no less important, with the number of arenas that you can cross this will make an impression that is not bored and questionable in this game in general such as the speed car drift racing mod apk revdl game.

There is a drive max city arena track: parking lot, city lane 1, city lane 2, airport, container yard lane 1, container yard lane 2, sponsor lane, turini, japan, russia, usa and many others.

Upgrade the Car

It’s no fun we can’t change the car we already have. Take it easy, Friend can have all the features in this game. Besides you can buy a lot of luxury cars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porche and others. Friend, you will get many choices for upgrading.

Just like the asphalt game, you can change the car. You like the color of the car, stickers, wheels, window colors, camber, spoilers, neon and many others.

3D quality

This game was a success by continuing the apk series mod real drift car racing Lite Drive Max series. Of course this game is quite promising and brings new emotions that are very interesting in the arena.

With its success, seen more than 1 million downloads from Google Play. Incredibly, this game has high-quality graphics, because the developer is concerned with the graphics sector, of course this game is optimized for middle class games.

So, if you want to experience this game very smoothly, this game also offers a minimum configuration of 2GB RAM. In order to get a smoother game. Snapdragon CPU is always a priority in this game.

Drift Max Pro feature

after you know the gameplay, this time mimin will present the main features and features of the drift max pro mod net apk that you can get from this game. This is the main features and drift max pro mod Android oyun club game apk as follows.

  • Two-color and matte paint, besides that there are cool graphic stickers.
  • Door stickers and hood.
  • Model and color of alloy wheels.
  • Stained glass.
  • Color calipers.
  • Wheel Angle (Camber).
  • Suspension height.
  • Spoiler model.

How to Install Apk + OBB

For those of you who have difficulty installing this game, you can follow the steps below.

  • The first step, my friend, first download the two download links that you have shared above.
  • If you have already downloaded it, don’t directly buddy install the apk file.
  • Buddy must turn on an unknown source (if not already configured) in the phone’s settings.
  • If you’ve done the steps above, just click and install the apk file. Wait until the installation process is complete.
  • Etss. . . don’t open the game yet. Friend must take the second step, namely the installation of OBB.
  • The second step that you must do, extract the OBB file that you downloaded. If it has been extracted, there will be a folder like com.
  • You can move or copy the folder to Android / OBB internal storage.
  • Wait until the copying process is complete.
  • Open the game and play!

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