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Hello Neighbor Apk - Hi, Uptodown, how are you, friend? Hopefully you are always given health. Come back again with Mimin who is here for...
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Hello Neighbor Apk – Hi, Uptodown, how are you, friend? Hopefully you are always given health. Come back again with Mimin who is here for you, loyal visitors who always provide an application, games and tips on the latest and popular tricks.

On this occasion Mimin wanted to share a game that was widely played by many people. Curious as to what the game is. Let’s just check out the review below.

Have you ever played a puzzle-solving game? of course there are elements of mystery and horror. Games like this are the main attraction for game lovers. Buddy likes games like that Mimin would recommend the game, Hello Neighbor.

The first game intended for PC devices, now you can play it on smartphones, especially Android. For those of you who have played this game on a PC will certainly not be familiar with the gameplay found on an Android device. However, for my friends who have never been able to get to know more about this game in the reviews below.

Hello Neighbor Apk game

Hello Neighbor Apk is a horror genre game that hides in sneaking in and sneaks into the mysterious neighbor’s friend’s house to explore a terrible secret that they hide in the basement.

Hello neighbor android apksum game is somewhat difficult because you will play against sensitive AI and your every move will be known if you are not careful. Explore each side of your neighbor’s house and enjoy climbing through various angles. One of them is through the entire window of your neighbor’s house.

Be careful there are devices and security that are like hidden cameras. You can sneak in with a good trick. If you get caught just run away before you get caught. We don’t know what happens if we get caught, something bad might happen. Do not be too close neighbors will look for shortcuts and catch friends.

Which previously Mimin explained, this Hello Neighbor download game is a game that is quite difficult to solve the puzzle. As with other mystery games, you have to look for clues or clues and look for objects that can lead to the next clue. Friend can find a house key to get into a room that can’t be opened.

Gameplay Hello Neighbor

Playing this game, of course you will feel a high adrenaline, the article you will be haunted by anxiety when looking for clues in your neighbor’s house. Of course people who come without permission will make neighbor neighbor angry or angry. And the thing that frightens you is not only being captured but the unwanted thing that will make your heart beat fast.

At first this game was only available starting from the Hello neighbor alpha version and you can try to play it even though you will get problems like bugs and such. During the secret version of Hello Neighbor apk, there are 5 updates to this version and the final version is the Betha version. so you can’t download hello neighbor alpha 2 android, hello neighbor alpha 1 and up to hello neighbor alpha 4 lite.

In the betha version or currently known as version 1.0, of course there will be no problems like the Mimin mentioned earlier. However, for gameplay and story line there will be no very big difference. This is a bit of a disappointment, because there are also no recent updates.

Besides that disappointment, my friend can play this game offline. This is suitable if you are running out of quota, you can still play this game when you are free. So what are you waiting for?

In this game you will play as a character who suspects something strange about your neighbor’s house. If traced these places have a lot of facts, the fact hello neighbors turned out to be filled with puzzles that are difficult to solve. Search for clues and exploration and creativity are the main keys, open every door and find something surprising.

Master Parkur

Hello neighbor adventurers have a very pleasant thing, my friend can walk (run), jump (jumping), reach any place to climb up the house and also carry anything. contained there.

Of course, by doing it all, on the Hello Obb apk apk download, you have to master the movement will be a challenge and a variety of difficult obstacles. Of course this is a pleasure for my friend.

Solve the Mysteries

After you download hello neighbor hide and seek mod apk and play it. Friend will explore 10 open levels filled with puzzles that are difficult, challenging and there is also a funny distraction.

Don’t hesitate to look for a new place, usually there will be things that you’ve been looking for all this time. and be careful of your movements. The thing that makes tense is the sound that suddenly comes and makes the tension even more frightening.

Varied Characters

Make your character in this game. There are so many clothes, there are dozens of ridiculous clothes. Friend can be a ninja, princess and many others. It’s up to you, buddy. With this you will not feel bored to play the hello neighbor game for free.

How to Download Hello Neighbor Android Apk Obb

A good download website is a website that doesn’t make it difficult for users. The advantage if you download obb hello neighbor Android apk on the Mimin website is the ease of downloading.

Buddy certainly will not be complicated in downloading this game such as annoying advertisements, even dangerous malware. Therefore, you should be careful when downloading files with such categories.

  • The first step before downloading is to make sure your cellphone network is stable because the file size is almost 1GB.
  • If you use a PC, it’s better to download a super fast downloader application like IDM.
  • If you already use a cell phone, it’s better to use superfast browser applications like UCBrowser and the like.
  • Friend, find the download link in this article and just click the download button.
  • Wait for a few seconds and click the download button and the download process is running.

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