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Livery Bussid - Hello, friend, Uptodown, I hope you will be fine today. Come back again with Mimin in UpTown which will always accompany you to...
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Livery Bussid – Hello, friend, Uptodown, I hope you will be fine today. Come back again with Mimin in UpTown which will always accompany you to get the latest updates about applications, games and tricks tips every day.

In this article Mimin wants to recommend a part or part of a game. Where is very useful so that my friend certainly is not bored with the interior of the game. Which will be shared is Livery Bussid. To find out more, you can follow the review below, friend.

Games have become things that are sought by many people to get rid of boredom and fatigue from various activities undertaken every day. Well, cell phone games have become an alternative if you are outside the house and become a friend in daily activities.

Usually in a community or a lover of a thing must be very craved if the person is doing it. For example, the Bus Community will surely be a pleasure if they drive a bus.
However, this would be very unlikely to be done unless they are a large vehicle driver who works in a bus company. Call it Bismania, although it is not permissible to drive a bus but can still ask for permission to ride and sit at the wheel.

Of course it’s very fun for them, not a bus lover whose name is if you have never played a simulator game. At that time it was very crowded bus simulator games that can only be played on PC devices.

But along with the development of mobile games, especially Android, it becomes a gift for bus lovers to play the game using only smart phones.

The bus game that is often played by bus lovers is Bus Simulator Indonesia. Not only bus lovers, other people including friends can also play it. But there is something missing from this game, what do you think? just keep watching the review below.

Livery Bussid

An Indonesian Bus Simulator game is certainly made by original local developers where many present Indonesian bus models. Each bus model has its own characteristics and has a fairly long history.

This is interesting for busmania throughout the archipelago, but the game has not been updated for a long time. Surely this is unfortunate from the devotees who are pretty much in various cities.

Same is the case with games on PC devices or those that almost never update. But with the creative hands of the bus lovers, it makes various separate combinations to create a more lively gaming atmosphere.

They themselves created a variety of bus designs, known as livery buses, starting from their own custom or famous buses. Not only on the PC, friend, they also flocked to create it for mobile games. Of course this is a very grateful thing for those who do not have a PC or laptop.

This is also an opportunity for friends who feel bored with the default design that is in the original game. Now for this it will be very different from other Mimin articles. Because Mimin will distribute business livery from various modifiers.

Types of Bus Livery

Before that, you have to know what are the types of a livery bus. There are several categories of plain bussid livery types that will be explained below.

Livery HD

In this livery bussid hd, the shape of the bus head is visible and there is also no curvature on the front door. According to Mimin on this HD quality livery bussid the simplest.

Livery Srikandi SHD

Unlike the HD livery, the second livery is the livery bussid shd for the curved bus head. This clear bussid livery shd is also the most common form of the livery bussid shd png template in the Indonesian Bus Simulator game.

Livery JB SHD

There is no difference at all if you see it from the front with the latest clear crystal livery. But if you see the livery bussid shd clear from the side you will definitely see the difference in the bus wheels.

Livery Bimasena SDD

In stark contrast to the two types of livery above, in this Bimasena SDD Livery, you will feel many differences. This can be seen from the double decker bus (2 decks or double decker livery bussid) which looks like an overseas bus.

Livery Arjuna XHD

For the latter is the livery of Arjuna XHD, according to Mimin this is a very special livery. The Bussid XHD livery has a very luxurious design. In addition, this lij bussid arjuna xhd is the most sought after and preferred by bus lovers.

Actually, there are many other types of livery that you can explore like Livery Bussid Jetbus HD and many others. However, in general there are 4 types of livery types namely HD, SHD, SDD and XHD. Well, Mimin will share livery that is often used by many people.

Now with a variety of existing livery, this time Mimin will share a variety of livery just for Uptodown Friends. For those of you who can’t wait, you can see and download various livery that will be shared below. Enjoy.

Complete collection of livery bussid
Well this time Mimin will share some of the best complete bussid livery specifically for you. There are many choices for you who are looking for the latest bus livery for Indonesian bus simulator games.

Livery Bus Club League 1 HD

For those of you who like Bus and one of the football fans, Mimin will share some livery buses from various soccer clubs. Here is a list of the clearest league 1 league livery bussid clubs, among others.

  • Persebaya Surabaya
  • Persib Bandung
  • Arema FC
  • Persija Jakarta

Other PO Livery

In this livery is a bus livery found on famous PO Buses throughout Indonesia. Well, here is a list of Livery POs that will be shared with friends.

  • Treasure Mountain HD
  • Borlindo
  • Tourism
  • Mobile Legends
  • Pandavas 87
  • Subur Jaya Merah
  • Subur Jaya Kuning
  • Satria Timur Trans
  • Bluestar
  • Beautiful Ranau
  • Sinar Jaya Polos Keren
  • Lorena
  • Blue Star SDD
  • goddess Sri
  • Po Haryanto
  • Forward Smoothly
  • Livery bussid Rosalia Indah
  • Sinar Jaya
  • Efficiency
  • ALS
  • Anti-Gossip
  • Anime

How to download

If you have solidified it to choose which livery or want all the livery, you have to calm down, the admin will share how to download the livery bussid hd. To download livery bussid shd and download other clear hd livery bussid is not difficult enough how come you can follow the steps below.

  • The first step is to click on the download link livery bussid that has been available above.
  • Then my friend will enter the download server Mimin, wait for a few seconds until the download link appears. Buddy also gets the option to choose fast download if you don’t want to wait too long for the download link to appear.
  • Please press download and wait until the download process is complete.

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