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Pokemon Emerald Rom - Hello Friend uptodown, how are you, friend? still excited at the beginning of 2020? I hope you will always be enthusiastic when...
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Pokemon Emerald Rom – Hello Friend uptodown, how are you, friend? still excited at the beginning of 2020? I hope you will always be enthusiastic when you do activities and don’t get bored visiting the web admin, hehe. . .

As usual, in this article Mimin always provides a game, application and tips for the latest tricks and the most popular at this time only for my friend visitors. On this occasion, Mimin would like to recommend a game that is very phenomenal in its era.

If you see the title of this article Mimin can guess, my friend uptodown visitors on this article this time on average from the birth of 90s hehe. . . Because the game that will be shared is Pokemon Emerald ROM. Curious as to what the sequel can be, Buddy, see in the review below.

Pokemon Emerald Rom

This Emerald Pokemon game is a very popular game in its era, the game that was first launched on the Nintendo device is very popular for the 90s. Right, Nintendo. Who does not know this one game console, except kids nowadays huh hehe.

Although for today’s gamers only know the name, of course they have never played it. On the other hand, for 90s players, they will miss this game.

Nintendo itself has so many types, but the one that will be discussed is the GBA version. GBA itself has an abbreviation, Game Boy Advance. In the GBA version, of course, played a lot in his day.

Maybe from Uptodown, my friends, I really miss this game, including Pokemon Emerald. But because of the difficulty and limitations of finding this Nintendo device and switch. Make android developers to innovate.

This innovation is like the developer of the PSP game that is Pokemon Emerald Rom. Maybe for those who don’t know, Mimin will give a little info. Now on Android, there are games that can run games from Nintendo, the GBA Emulator.

Pokemon emerald download for android can really be played on an android device, friend. Just like PSP games, for Nintendo games a special emulator called GBA Emulator is needed. Besides playing it on Android, Mimin will also provide a way to play it on a PC.

But before that, you have to prepare some materials so that you can play this game on an Android or PC device. The following are the ingredients that you have to prepare to play this game.

GBA Emulator

Rom GBA (Pokemon Emerald) Game
For those of you who don’t know from the two ingredients above, Mimin will explain below guys.

GBA Rom game

GBA Rom is a game that comes from a Nintendo device. This ROM game is the result of a copy or copy of the game used to play the game. Or it can be called a game master. Like this Game Rom is a Switch from Nintendo itself, but this Game Rom is the resistance.

In the gba rom game, it’s not only the Pokemon Pokemon game, but games like Mario Bros, Grand Theft Auto and many others can also be played. for the Game Rom download link including the download link the pokemon emerald game will be shared for uptodown buddies.

GBA Emulator

The next material is the GBA Emulator, if you see from the name it is certainly not strange to hear. GBA Emulator is an application that is used as a replacement for the original device.

GBA Emulator itself can be said as a mock device as a substitute for Game Boy Advance itself. How to get this emulator you can download it at the link that you share below.

For this GBA Emulator device, you can play with your Android device and PC. For PC devices you can use an android emulator.

How to Install GBA Emulator

For those of you who are confused about how to install it, you can follow the steps below.

  • The first step, download the GBA Emulator, which has been a minimum share the download link above.
  • After you download the emulator, don’t install it first. Buddy turns on “unknown sources” in the phone’s settings to allow installation of third-party applications.
  • After after performing the steps above. Buddy find the apk file, then click and install the apk file.
  • Wait until the installation process is complete.
  • Now you can open this application.
  • Done.

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