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With the advancement of the internet, we now have social media sites. We primarily use this site to communicate and socialize with other people regardless of location. Hundreds of millions of photos are uploaded to Facebook every day. This tells us that the demand for a photo editing app has never been this high.

Since the internet appeared, many developments have occurred in the world. In particular, there are now many social media sites available for everyone. There are sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many others. And every day, we can see millions of photos and videos uploaded to these sites.

Since most people have smartphones these days, it makes sense to do all the photo editing via their phone. For this, they need a powerful photo editing application like Premium. With more than 5 million downloads, this application has become one of the best photo editing applications today. Here, you can access tons of filters, effects, and even edit videos! There’s nothing that can’t be done with this one photo editing app!



Not to mention, there are tons of photos in our gallery waiting to be edited into better photos. In that case, Premium is the app that can do all the heavy lifting for you!
This app is made with a huge collection of effects, filters, tools and much more! Apart from that, you can edit videos here and easily make the output you want. Thanks to the presets, you can be sure to know your video was well-made.

What is a Prequel?
Ideal for people who like to edit and beautify their photos, Prequel is an app where you will find a wide variety of filters and tools to beautify photos any way you want, simple and easy to use.
If you are a creative person, PREQUEL: Effects, Filters & Editing is the app for you as you will find an unlimited number of professional tools, giving you a fast and safe editing process to save your photos. Without a doubt, this is the ideal app for photographers.

PREQUEL is an application that is gaining popularity due to its wide variety of tools and easy handling which guarantees users to use it to enhance and edit their photos. When you enter the application, all you need to do is select the photo that you want to edit and an options menu will be displayed where you will choose how you want to edit this photo.

The app also allows you to take photos from within the app, helping you with various filters that you can choose from by sliding your finger across the screen. This application is characterized by the fact that PREQUEL provides all the tools you need, only simple options are needed.


If you want to get more tools than what is available in the app, you can get the premium version for a fairly low cost where you can edit photos and videos in a more professional way.
In this application you will also find various visual effects that will give you various creative possibilities such as frames, which can be colored, with different images or with effects. You will get a variety of popular filters as well as special filters from applications such as vintage, VHS, disc, cinema, and among others you can play around with the colors of your photos and applications.

Prequel is one of the best photo editing apps out there. To prove it, here are the features:
• Aesthetic Presets – Even in today’s technology, many people still don’t understand how to use Photoshop and its apps

In this app, you can also combine tools, create your own tools, and adjust whatever settings you want for the next version; the application allows you to play with your creativity and get valuable results.
This app allows you to quickly save your photos, maintain good quality, as well as the option to share them on social platforms like Instagram or Facebook so you can show your edits to your friends.

Although there are a variety of photo apps available, they provide unique tools and possibilities for creative people who are passionate about editing and design. You will be able to find it for free download on any digital platform, rely on the aforementioned membership to enjoy more possibilities in the world of editing.

As if that weren’t enough, this app also guarantees you new filters and tools every week, if you need tools to improve your editing process, you can modify and adjust these effects.

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