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Whatsapp Aero – We all used to communicate using letters, but it took a long time to arrive. Can wait for a new month until the letter, found a technology for even faster called telegram, writing letters containing messages will arrive in an instant.

It has been a communication tool for a long time and is also used for signed copies of official documents. Times continue to change, technology has started without using cables again for various information.

All information began to be conveyed by what is called SMS, by connecting with telecommunications providers, everyone started to have a cellphone and could be contacted anywhere by phone and sms even though they were in far away places.

To send SMS messages is not expensive, one message is only 150-500 rupiah and the message is immediately received by the intended recipient. Progress is back and creating a new alternative that many people like, can now send via instant messages.

In addition to text, you can also send facial expressions and digital stickers using instant messaging applications. Had become the most widely used, namely BBM in HP with the BB brand.

But more and more people want to use cellphones with different brands, making alternative applications from BBM become increasingly popular, among those that appear there is 1 that is the most widely used.

The application, WhatsApp, is the most widely used instant messaging application because it is light and fast in conveying messages. Beat wechat, KakaoTalk and Line apps.

With whatsapp we can send text messages easily and immediately, sharing photos and videos can also be done relatively without a hitch. You can also make phone and video calls.

All the features can run as they should, and don’t make the performance of the cellphone installed with the WhatsApp application.

Other apps include a lot of embellishments and stickers that may not be liked by everyone, so that rival apps such as Line, KakaoTalk, and Wechat ultimately don’t beat WhatsApp and only have success in their own country.

With smartphones that dominate the market, such as the iPhone and Android, which control 80% of smartphone purchases, everyone can now order instant messages because everyone can install the WhatsApp application on their cellphones.

Whatsapp requires internet to be able to send messages, the flow is from the smartphone it will be sent to the whatsapp system, then this message will be forwarded from the whatsapp system to the sender’s destination smartphone.

To send messages to many people, it is much cheaper than SMS, the more this application is used. Even elderly parents have used it a lot.

There is no difference between countries, as long as they are registered on whatsapp, sending messages and calls to the same country or other countries makes no difference.

Now there is also a new whatsapp which has become quite popular because it uses the name whatsapp in the name of the application, whether it is against the law or not we don’t know but what is clear is that the aero whatsapp application developer is different from the usual whatsapp developer.

The normal WhatsApp is now owned by Facebook, while WhatsApp Aero is not.

How to Download and Install Whatsapp Aero

  1. Download the app first via this link: https://www.zonarecipes.com/6up/WhatsApp_Aero15.01.3_JimBreur.apk
  2. You can click directly and go to the download page, or you can also copy and paste it at the browser address at the top and paste it there, then press enter.
  3. If you haven’t installed from anywhere other than the Playstore, maybe you should do this first, you should check the box for Allow Unknown Sources. Find it by going to the settings section, at the bottom you try to find the name privacy. Now in this setting column you will find unknown sources.
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